Personalize each interaction. Sell more. Sell better.

Increase the ratio of your telesales thanks to a complete SFA/CRM solution

Benefits of Telesales

Get closer to your customers

Personalize your promotional campaigns and improve your cross-selling and up-selling. 

Reduce time spent doing low-value and administrative tasks.

Vincle Analytics provides the decisive metrics to achieve excellence in visit execution. 

A proactive analysis allows you to identify and address risks and opportunities, in a fast and easy way. 

Telesales Functionalities

Save time and enforce your sales process

Work Balance

Manage the workload of your sales team and avoid bottlenecks in your department.

Plan your calls in a clever way

Automate the calling schedule and let your sales representatives focus on the most important: selling. 

Smart Schedule

Reach your customers at the right moment. Find the ideal time to contact your customers and increase sales opportunities.


Include questionnaires in your regular tasks to improve your market analysis. 

Personalized promotions

Configure promotions in a flash and apply them with just one click.

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