B2B eCommerce

Boost your online sales and raise your business by selling 24/7

A flexible and intuitive solution where your customers can manage their orders in an agile way.

Thanks to our B2B eCommerce platform, you will increase your customer's purchase rate and improve brand fidelity.

Benefits of B2B eCommerce

Boost customer loyalty

Features order placement, account management, customized pricing, product kits, advanced promos, personalized catalog, advanced search, and much more.

Reduce the implementation time of your strategy.

Recommend replacement products to prevent lost sales and cover your customer needs when a product is out of stock.

Unserstand your customers interests, figure out the most appealing promotions, find their purchase behaviour… (which of the viewed items  are not added to the shopping cart).

Share the channel status with the company, using a cross-channel view that allows you to adopt the most efficient sales strategy.

Reach new customers and markets.

B2B eCommerce Functionalities

Cover your customer needs and keep your commercial strategy on track 24/7

Featured products

Highlight new launches, as well as strategic and premium products. 

Product assortment, pricing and sales conditions based on customer features

Personalize your customer interactions.

Recommended products

Provides a shortcut to access items of interest  and easely add them to the cart. 

Access to personalized promotions

Personalized  gifts and discounts.

Methodologies to increase sales

Offer incentives to increase purchase. 

Related or alternative products

When a product is out of stock, the system will suggest a similar item as an alternative.

Repeat previous orders

Optimize your customer's order management