Retail Execution

Execution Excellence at the Point of Sale

Vincle's Retail Execution ensures competitiveness and product positioning on and off the shelf. A specific methodology that provides a 360-degree view to you and your team.

It helps users during the planning, preparation, and execution of visits at the point of sale.

One Stop Shop

All that a POS manager needs;  Smart Library, Smart Agenda, Perfect Store, Visit history, Advanced Analytics and much more.

Perfect Visit

Upgrade your visits. A methodology that keeps your team focused on the visit with clearly defined phases.

Benefits of Retail Execution

Save time during your commercial visits

Calls to action for the team

Vincle integrates the image recognition technology provided by Trax's solution.

Obtain accurate information regarding each point of sale, while speeding up the shelf auditing process.

Track the display quality of your products and competitors.

Generate automatic reports by simply capturing shelf pictures.


Real-time customer progress at your fingertips. / Customer progress in real-time, at your fingertips. 

A proactive analysis allows you to identify and address risks and opportunities,  in a fast and easy way. 


Retail Execution Functionalities

Everything your team needs, in a single place

Smart Library

Achieve a consistent storytelling

Managing the entire multimedia content in a single place (catalogs, product demo videos, competitors analysis, data sheets, and much more) ensures that all the members of your team share the same information updated in real-time. 

Internal cooperation

Manage Notifications and messages to foster bidirectional communication between all the team members.

Define the communication level assigned to each of the members of the sales force team.

Smart Agenda

Visit planning made easy

Perfect Store with 360-degree view

Increase your brand visibility and ensure its availability.

Check and manage your brand positioning at the Point of Sale; track your promotion, assortments, and the number of shelf facings.

Advanced Analytics

Combine sell-in and sell-out with market information and visit execution data, to obtain a global view of each customer.

Javier Vila

Trusted by leading brands

“With Vincle, teams have all the key information in a single point, without having to manage email or other documentation. It allows knowing where to go, whom to talk to and the frequency with which the visits should be performed…It makes our work more efficient.”