Where will I be next year with a Sales Force Automation tool?

How does sales force automation work?

You may know somebody who works in the world of sales and raves about his SFA or sales force automation tool. After all, it’s been proved that these types of software improve efficiency and productivity in a sales team, isn’t it?

But how does it do it? You might have heard of it’s amazing results, but maybe you need more information about it before taking the decision. In the end, there are many sales oriented tools available in the market nowadays. Why choosing sales force automation?

Today we bring you a list of a few functionalities an SFA can offer, explaining in detail how it achieves a significant increase in sales, offering you real data. After reading this article, you should be able to guess where can you be next year thanks to this tool. Let’s get started!


Sales force automation functionalities


A good SFA tool includes an automatic agenda that takes team organization to the next level.

It offers an optimal management of the routes in this way: you introduce data in its system and it plans out the commercial visits not only taking into account its location (it includes a geolocation device), but also segmentation criteria and visit frequency. It has each client’s record and therefore knows everything about their visits and orders, and it plans the visit route revolving around that data.

This improves the performance and, of course, the productivity of the commercial agent, as the system calculates the most efficient route. If a client cancels the appointment last minute, the software will suggest him other points of sale close to him so he doesn’t waste his time. On average, a sales force automation tool increases your visits between a 20 and 30%.


Sales increase

The previous section, which explains how organization increases the number of visits thanks to how the software helps us be more efficient, results in a sale increase.

The app optimizes the whole sale process, including tedious tasks such as data collection. In fact, many SFAs already count on cutting edge technology such as image recognition, which collects all the necessary data just by taking a picture of the shelf, so the agent can concentrate on other value-added tasks, like negotiating with the retailer, for example.

This technology will inform us if the retailer is keeping the promotions and prices as we agreed with him, and will give us information about the visibility and placement of the product. This way, the agent can focus on what he should: selling. Sales are increased between a 15 and 20%.

Engaging clients

This sale force automation tools also offer the best features of a CRM; they act as a client database, with its orders, promotions and actions record attached. If you want to know more about the differences between an SFA and a CRM.

This is incredibly useful not only to follow up every point of sales and get to know which works better and why, but also to personalize our treatment to clients. This way, future sales are easier to execute and we offer our client a better post sales service.

Regarding the commercial agent, as he will have the catalogue with the assortment attached in his device, he can suggest the retailer products that he might like to have in his shelves. This results in an increase in cross-selling, approximately between 10 and 15%.


360-degree global vision

By having all the information integrated in the same app, that is, an omnichannel software, we can manage the whole selling process from the same device.

You’ll have full control over your product, its price, its placement and its active promotions. Moreover, not only the sales team will have access to this information: it’s available for anyone in the company who may need it.

The system automatically analyzes and calculates our KPIs, which we can easily introduce previously, and will offer us customized reports on our performance, reports that will also be available for everybody.



Following the previous section, we reach the last advantage sales force automation has to offer for today; team cohesion.

The software includes a notification system, and an internal chat, so it’s quick and easy to communicate through it. The objectives we define are common goals for the whole company, so the decision-making process is done with the participation of the whole company. This way, companies get to make wiser choices.


Where will sales force automation take me?

We’ve told you what can a good sales force automation tool do for you in the sales field. Now, it’s your turn to choose one and give the best of you to see how far you can get. Where will you be next year? That’s up to you.