What is a SFA and what can it do for you?

New in the sales force automation world…?

Let us guess: you are a salesperson and you can’t stop thinking about your team’s productivity. You struggle to motivate them; you struggle to keep them organized. You want to increase your profitability and to find a corporate solution that helps you do that… The sales world can be terrible, right!?

If you identify any of these concerns as yours, don’t worry, we’ve got your back: you have found the right article.

What exactly is a SFA?

An SFA or Sales Force Automation system is a software that can help you solve these and many other problems.

It’s basically a software that greatly facilitates the business process and the goal achievement. It allows you to keep track of every single step of a sale so you have a better perspective and control over the process itself, so you can take the right decisions every time.

These tools make it easy to monitor every client’s situation, to control every point of sales, to plan future visits and even to prospect new clients.


What functionalities do they offer?

First of all, and probably what interests you the most, it can significantly increase your sales. How? These tools are designed to provide you with all the information you need to optimize your commercial activity.

An SFA can show you which of your clients is growing quicker and which one’s growth is at a standstill. It can give you valuable information about the orders, promotions and conditions of every point of sales of yours, a tracking based on your KPIs…

Moreover, they even offer you a complete analysis of your activity in every case, so you can draw your own conclusions and decide how to act.

The fact that SFAs act as agendas is what will incredibly improve your team’s organizational skills. It’s way more easy to plan and to carry out a visit if a software helps you do it.

It also guarantees efficiency when planning the routes, as if a client cancels a visit last minute, the geolocators that the app includes redirect the worker to a nearby point of sales so he won’t waste his time in a particular area.

As it is an omnichannel, it creates a better team cohesion, as you will all be aware of everything that happens all the time; this is also something to take into account. At the end of the day, you all have the same objectives, and it’s important to stand together to achieve the goals!

Having everything on display on one single screen, being able to take decision in almost real time, will bring you what you’ve been longing for: relief. You will know that it’s in your hands to improve your productivity using the information that the SFA provides, by taking the right decision every time.


What are you waiting for?

We’re sure we have convinced you; now, you only need to choose a good SFA and put it to the test. You won’t regret it!