Virtual personal assistants: intelligent business processes

In general, when we talk about artificial intelligence we imagine a future with humanoids that interact with people as if they were humans; the science fiction genre has nurtured this idea of ours with well-known movies like Terminator or Artificial Intelligence over time, until the recent remix of the cult film Blade Runner.

Nothing further from reality; when we talk about artificial intelligence we refer to technologies that will help us perform certain tasks in a more automatized and agile way in our everyday lives.

As an example, we can already find in the market technologies and tools that add value to business processes through artificial intelligence algorithms that use programming and learning systems to forecast results based on historic data, that is, based on experience.

Some of these technologies are relevant because they incredibly increase productivity by using artificial intelligence. We can mention image recognition intelligence, which Vincle uses nowadays to extract KPIs in the point of sales, or facial recognition, which can identify consumers in the point of sales and extract valuable information about their purchasing habits, as well as automatizing the payment; this is the case of Amazon Go. Both technologies use a constant learning through the images obtained so they can improve results.

Other outstanding technologies are bots, which can use voice recognition technology to have a conversation with the user, or a texting chat to assist the consumer. Among these apps we can find Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft), Alexa (Amazon) or Watson (IBM) or others with different levels of learning, from bots that still need development to be able to interact with the user to bots that, by learning from previous conversations, are able to learn words and expressions, just like a child, to offer a better interlocution afterwards.

Last but not least, we’ll mention virtual personal assistants or VPAs, which Vincle provides as an amazing option to improve business processes. Their goal is to help users perform certain tasks; a VPA will offer us an outcome or result that provides us with relevant information on a certain topic, covering certain needs we may have.

We must point out that virtual assistants don’t substitute the users’ decision-making process, they just guide them through the process. They help them choose the best option among the available alternatives without taking away any of their decision-making power.

Vincle has launched a set of virtual assistants focused on improving certain parts of the business process that require time and knowledge.

This way, Intelligent Virtual Sales Assistant encompasses a set of functionalities like purchasing propensity, which is the purchasing intention a client has regarding a particular product depending on its profile, or the optimal cart which is the ideal order a client would make, also based on his profile. These features are developed to help sales agents to increase sales and improve profitability for their clients. To do this, we use inputs and data like the commercial activity, promotional strategies, client segmentation, order historic and related products, and all of these are processed with machine learning algorithms so we can give suggestions to each commercial. Can you imagine how long would it take for a commercial to analyze all this data for every client and make a proposal for each one of them? This is one of the advantages of virtual assistants, as they provide relevant information in real time.

We can mention another virtual assistant; Intelligent Virtual Routes Assistant, just like the previous one, includes a number of functions that, in this case, will improve our commercial displacements, which substantially impact our sales team productivity.

Features like Smart Routes, which defines the optimal route depending on the visit frequency, the promotional strategy, geo location or visiting hours, or Tactical Routes, which defines the route while having in mind the goal of maximizing a certain objective, like increasing the purchasing propensity of a particular promotion. They have a positive effect on the company’s competitive advantage, as we improve the productivity of the sales team with intelligent displacements and visits to the clients that are most likely to provide benefits, reducing the cost of every displacement at the same time.

Vincle also offers virtual assistants like Intelligent Virtual Territory Assistant, Intelligent Virtual Scoring Assistant, Intelligent Virtual Pricing Assistant and lntelligent Virtual Marketing Assistant.

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms will revolutionize the business processes, making them more effective, which will allow us to take better decisions and forget about the luck factor or simple intuitions.