Vincle Talents: We interview Carles Escutia

Carles is the winner of the Innovation Committee that Vincle organizes every year, and we’ve had the honor of interviewing him so he can tell us a bit more about his proposal and his job at Vincle. Let’s get started!


First of all, congratulations for winning the first prize in the fourth edition of Vincle’s Innovation Committee. Could you please tell us why did you participate and what does your proposal consist of?

Thank you very much! I got the idea from an event organized by Google, where one of the most interesting topics was the BigQuery technology, a web service that allows SQL queries on a huge volume of data, and that can be applied to Vincle Analytics and provide a great competitive advantage for our clients.

My proposal was to adapt Vincle Analytics so we can use the BigQuery technology in a real report from one of our clients. The objective was to verify the viability and the performance on a real case. Despite the problems we faced during the implementation phase, the results of the test were finally successful and proved that this technology can definitely be applied to Vincle.


What are the advantages that your proposal brings to Vincle’s software?

BigQuery allows us to treat with some type of reports that, because of its size, we cannot operate on currently. We performed the test with a report of 10 million registers approximately, and the app took around 25 seconds to give an answer to the user. With BigQuery’s technology, this same query took only 4 seconds. It’s clear that this technology offers a better user experience to the client, as it offers the requested information in less time.


What do you think about Vincle’s idea of establishing an innovation Committee?

I think it’s an excellent initiative, very interesting because it motivates the workers and it pushes them to remain active. The fact that you can spend out-of-the-office time working on the project definitely helps, and you can be updated on technological trends.

It’s a win-win situation, as on one hand, the company benefits from the visions and knowledge about technology and innovation from its workers, and at the same time and on the other hand, people stay active and motivated to grow professionally.


What abilities, attitudes or knowledge does Vincle need in its team?

From the point of view of the Product department, we obviously need that technical knowledge, but other abilities are also necessary, apart from having a positive attitude that allows you to face challenges with optimism and a winner mindset.

We also need virtues like compromise, passion for technology and for what we do here at Vincle, being emphatic, team work… They are all necessary virtues for someone working at Vincle.


Is there any area of the company where you would like to interact more, or project that you would like to take part in?

I’m very lucky because, among my responsibilities, I have the opportunity of taking part in new activities frequently, and of course I would like this to remain this way. Now we are developing very attractive initiatives with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and I would love to get involved with these type of projects.

There are also other interesting initiatives, like the one Vincle develops with Planorama with Image Recognition technology, that analyzed the product and promotions’ data with a simple picture, or technologies like Augmented Reality that allows us to simulate promotions in the same point of sales. It’s great to see a company getting involved and making an effort to keep updated on the latest technologies, and Vincle does exactly that.


Is there someone you would like to learn from?

You can learn from everyone! Recently, people with different but complementary visions have started here at Vincle, and this allows us to enrich our proposals, thanks to these synergies among the members of the team. You can not only learn from your team-mates’ technical knowledge or talent, but also from attitudes like methodologies, critical spirit or the way of facing new challenges.

Team work is very important, and it’s equally important that every member of the team feels free to share his opinion, so we can learn ones from others, that is why I insist, you can learn from everyone.


Which is your biggest challenge right now?

I think that the one anybody working in this sector would say: keeping myself updated in the technological novelties. You can never stop training yourself! If I had to mention a challenge, it would be continuing searching for that innovation that takes Vincle to the next level.


How’s the balance between your job and your personal life?

It’s a good balance. Finding that balance between your professional and personal life is always difficult, especially when you’re not as young as before, but you become more focused and you prioritize way better. Lucky me, I still like to keep my training going and thanks to this balance between family and company I’ve been able to do so.


From your point of view, which technologies or innovations will have a bigger impact in the business in the following years?

In my opinion, the first would be Artificial Intelligence, and the reason is simple: a company without AI will soon be obsolete before its competitors, it’s going to be a must have for every organization, not only in the sales field.

We have to take into account that AI is not only used at a business level, it’s present in every aspect of our lives: the recommendations of products that seem to be inside our minds when we shop online, chatbots or personal assistants that assist us when we enter a webpage… That is all AI, and it’s here to stay.

Digital Twino or Augmented Reality are also good examples of these technologies that will be present in our lives sooner than we think, so we have to be ready to implement them, as they affect directly the worker’s productivity and the companies’ profitability.


Lastly, would you recommend your team mates to propose their ideas to the Committee? Why?

Of course! It’s true that it does imply a personal effort, but it’s nice to step out of your comfort zone and see what others do, as well as other ways of working. Keeping educating yourself allows you to grow both at a personal and professional level, so I always recommend everyone to keep doing research and turning to external training, because this always help to take into account other points of view. Events organized by big companies like Microsoft or Google are a great way of waking up your inspiration to face these type of challenges.