Vincle changes its corporate domain to

Following its internationalization plan and with the clear objective of reaching new markets and achieving greater international exposure, Vincle has acquired the domain

This acquisition will affect the company in several ways; for example, the new domain will unify all the existing domains ( and under a single domain,, maintaining this way a consistent brand on an international level and guaranteeing a better internationalization process when approaching the digital environment. In this sense, the domain is a necessary element to ensure a good search engine positioning, and allows Vincle to face the challenges of an internationalization process with guarantees of success.

Another of the fields affected by the domain change is our email addresses. Although many of you may have already received an email notifying you of this change, down below we’ll specify what it implies.

Every Vincle email address will change from to, but will maintain the rest of the address so it’s easily memorable for the user. Because of this change, the accounts ended in will disappear by the beginning of 2019. However, in order to avoid communication problems, both email addresses will be active until those dates. After that, the emails directions ended in will no longer exist. We encourage all of our contacts to update their agendas as soon as possible so we can avoid any communication problem in the future.

You will also see the change to in Vincle’s documentation, like invoices, delivery notes…  In short, in any document that Vincle issues from now on.

Lastly, every client that has cloud-based Vincle apps will see how the domains change from to in the following weeks.

Vincle’s team will remain available to comment any detail or issue our clients may find relevant regarding this change.