Vincle and its fight against pediatric cancer

Vincle has been named Brave Company, a distinction received as a collaborating entity in the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center and Obra Social from Sant Joan de Déu Hospital’s project. This initiative focuses on the construction of a pioneer center in Europe for the treatment and investigation of pediatric cancer, a type of cancer that lacks of research and with characteristics that make it different from adult’s cancer.

The objective of the project is creating a reference center for everyone, that cures cases that are without cure nowadays, minimizing damages and reducing the emotional impact on patients and their families. The SJD Pediatric Cancer center is an initiative promoted together with Leo Messis’ Private Foundation, FCBarcelona Foundation and IESE, and it receives donations from both private individuals and partners, like Damm Foundation, Grupo Planeta or Vincle.


Join the challenge

The initiative has an associated campaign that asks donors to spread the project with a challenge thought for warriors; it consists on painting two black lines on your face and post the picture on different social networks, with the objective of reaching as many people as possible.


More about Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

The Sant Joan de Déu Hospital is a private, non-profit, entity that belongs to the Orden Hospitalaria de los Hermanos de San Juan de Dios. It is an international reference on pediatric cancer and counts on pioneer research and clinical trials on this field. It has a strong international presence, as 15% of its clients come from other countries. You can obtain more information on the initiative using the hashtag #paralosvalientes or visiting the project’s website.