Three key objectives in your point of sales

If you work in the business world, you know for sure how to set your goals so you can achieve success. However, establishing goals and actually achieving them are two different things.

Luckily, nowadays there are many tools that can help you with this. Today, we want to tell you how a sales force automation tool can not only optimize your commercial process, but also your marketing strategy. You’ve never considered this option? Keep reading!


Find new business opportunities

Attracting and, later on, engaging new clients is crucial, and one of any company’s, and especially any marketing department, main goal. After all, marketing is based on catching potential client’s attention, so we can increase and improve sales. If we don’t attract new clients, we can’t achieve this.

A sales force automation software won’t replace our marketing team, but it can definitely optimize its job; stop wasting time with something that an app can do and focus on tasks that, for now, only humans can do. The machine will take care of the rest!

The best part is that your tasks are in good hands; an SFA or sales force automation tool will automatize the process, but it still offers a customized service. It covers the whole lead nurturing process:

First, it will identify all the potential clients, collect all its data and analyze it; it just saved us hours of work. Next, it will segment them and inform us about it. This way, the sales team knows the situation of each lead at all times; they shouldn’t hastily address them, and they shouldn’t forget about them either, as every client has a different rhythm and a purchase decision process, and they should be treated differently according to that.

With this information the software is giving us, we can decide our strategy towards every lead, we’ll know which content we should create, the sales team will know how to address them for the first time… to sum up, we’ll treat the client completely adapting to him. Our success in the point of sales is ensured.

This way, both the marketing and the sales team will have continuous support from the software, until the closing of the sale or conversion of the lead, finding, along with the tool, new business opportunities.


Increase your sales

What we just explained generally results in a sales increase. It’s called sales force automation for a reason!

The team will know how to treat every client, and we’ll invest less time in collecting all the relevant data, which not only means a sales increase but also an improvement in the company’s productivity.

It’s not the only information we’ll be provided; once the lead is our actual client, the tool will register his movements so it’s easier for us to foster his loyalty towards us and keep selling him our products.

The app will offer us data about his purchase behavior, his purchase frequency, his impulses, his feelings towards promotions, etc. This way, our marketing department will know what to design to adapt to his needs and wishes, anticipating his moves.

From the sales team’s point of view, it will be immeasurably easier to execute the perfect commercial visit if they know beforehand the retailer’s behavioral pattern.

We’ll not only increase our sales, but we’ll also offer the client a better service, a very personalized one indeed. The customer service team will be able to offer him a much more customized post-sales service, as the sales force automation tool makes the information available for any employee that may need it.


Point of sales control

Something to really take into account in your trade marketing strategy is the possibility of having full control of your shelves in all of your points of sales. Sales force automation also offers you this.

The commercial agent can forget about exhaustively controlling the shelves, as the app will do it. It will inform us about our product’s rotation and stock, about the branding strategy, the promotions, the price, the visibility…

If the software includes image recognition, this will be done by just taking a picture of the shelf; the picture will be uploaded to the cloud, it will be analyzed and we’ll receive a report about the condition of the shelves.

In this reports we won’t only see reflected our performance, but also our competitor’s. We’ll be able to compare ourselves to our main competitors, having a benchmark to judge our results. A dream come true!


Achieve your goals with sales force automation

Sales force automation can help you in many aspects; when launching a product, when designing a promotion… and also to reach your point of sales goals. Go ahead and choose your tool!