Report of the 2018 Jornadas Vincle

Last Thursday October 18th we celebrated the 6th edition of our Jornadas Vincle, our annual meeting to get to know the trends and success cases of the leading companies in the great consumption and pharma sectors. This year, our Jornadas were called “Shape your Future. Shape your Sales”.

The event started with Vincle’s CEO, Mr. Juan Recio, who inaugurated the event and welcomed the attendants and the first speaker, Mr. Cosimo Chiesa, Marketing and Sales Professor at the IESE Business School and president of Barna Consulting Group.

In his presentation “Lean Sales: Lo difícil hazlo fácil y lo fácil no lo compliques” (Lean sales: make what’s difficult easy and don’t complicate what is already easy), Mr. Chiesa introduced us to Lean philosophy and explained how can we use it to increase our commercial team’s productivity, being its key points aligning the marketing and sales departments and extending our clients’ life, which implies “overcoming the distrust barrier first and finding new needs to satisfy our clients after”.

Next, Anna Carroza, CD Retail Execution and CD Excellence at Unilever started her chat De la estrategia a la ejecución: Llevar la excelencia al punto de venta” (from strategy to execution: excellence in the point of sales) and told us how Unilever has improved the productivity of its commercial teams by executing a strategy focused on obtaining the best ROI on the actions carried out in the point of sales. She shared which has been the decision process followed by Unilever until today, and that they’ve developed the perfect visit model, based on the One Stop Shop. She then emphasized the importance of counting on strategic partners like Vincle and Externalia with the goal of guaranteeing results, qualifying those obtained as “exceptional”.

Microsoft’s presentation was one of the most expected ones, as it treats such a hot topic. Antonio Javier Gracía, BDM Apps Commercial ISVs at Microsoft prepared “Microsoft Azure, la base de las soluciones en el Cloud” (Microsoft Azure, the base of Cloud solutions) and exposed the main competitive advantages of the cloud. He also solved many of our doubts on the said cloud, and emphasized the importance of offering an hybrid model (cloud and on premise).

Following with the technological theme, Héctor Recio, General Director at Vincle, presented “Tecnologías y tendencias en los procesos de negocio de mañana” (trends and technologies in tomorrow’s business processes), where he explained our society’s incredible evolution due to technological change and the importance of investigation for companies, so we can continue incorporating new technologies into our processes, as they help us improve our competitive advantage.

In this sense, Mr. Recio mentioned some of the technologies Vincle is working with nowadays, like Machine Learning algorithms (Artificial Intelligence) applied to business processes, Augmented Reality or other technologies like Image Recognition that are already a trend in the retail sector and that are completely integrated in Vincle’s solutions, among others.

Last but not least, we listened to Lorenzo Puyoles, from Ferrero and his presentation “La excelencia en el punto de venta gracias al reconocimiento de imágenes” (excellence in the point of sales thanks to image recognition). He emphasized Ferrero’s need to count on a tool that was intuitive for its commercial team but that also included the latest image recognition technology to audit the shelves. He showed the results obtained from Vincle’s and Planorama’s joint solution, and said that “Ferrero achieved fantastic goals this year, and we’re already working on Vincle’s integration in our perfect store model”.

After the presentations, we had time to enjoy lunch together, encouraging networking among the attendants. Vincle wants to thank not only the attendance but also the commitment of the participants; we are very satisfied with the event and we consider that the chats were highly interesting for all the attendants, which motivates us to organize an even better event for next year. We’ll see you in the 2019 Jornadas Vincle!