How to choose the best retail technology?

Rely on sales force automation

Retail’s evolution cannot be understood without taking into account technological advances; like in any other field, technology helps us sustain a dynamic growth and improves the service we give to our clients, making it quicker and better. This is especially relevant nowadays, as the customers are used to immediacy, and they expect and even require it.

We recently told you 5 reasons why investing in retail technology is a good idea, and today we would like to continue with the topic and teach you how to choose the best one for you.

It will all depend on your company’s needs, so the first step is to identify them. Which is your main problem? From there, you should search the technological tool that solves it.

However, we have a spoiler for you; the best way to access these new technologies is with a software that already includes them, so you don’t have to search and acquire them separately. A sales force automation software is a very good option as it doesn’t only optimize your commercial process, but it also gives you access to cutting edge technology.

Nevertheless, let’s start from the beginning… Which is your main concern?


Organizational problem

If you observe an organizational issue in your sales team and you notice that they are not capable of efficiently planning their routes, don’t you worry.

Sales force automation tools are especially designed so sales people don’t have to do this themselves: they include an automatized agenda where they can integrate all their activity and a geo-locator, which plans out their routes in the most efficient way.

The app does not rely only on location when planning the route, but also on the client itself; the system segments our client data base and informs us about which one should we visit first, according on his last orders, the last visit, etc. This results in a higher productivity of the sales team.

Moreover, if this wasn’t enough, the software usually includes an internal chat, so colleagues can communicate with each other through that same channel. Say goodbye to organizational problems!


Low productivity

In the retail world, it’s normal if the commercial can’t close every deal because he’s busy with other tasks when he visits the site. When we perform a visit, we don’t focus only on the order, but also on controlling the shelves, the prices and promotions and on data acquisition, for example.

Image recognition is a revolutionary technology that can also help increase your commercial team’s performance. This tool takes care of tasks like these so the sales agent can focus more on negotiations or deal closing, increasing sales and productivity.

How does it work? The commercial only has to take a picture of the shelve and it will be uploaded to the cloud and analyzed. We will receive a report on the state of our shelves, without having to do anything manually, except for taking a picture.


Low engagement rate

Maybe your main problem comes from the marketing department and you need to find an effective tool that solves it. A very common problem is the inability of fostering client’s loyalty towards our company, and sales force automation can also help you in this aspect too.

Artificial intelligence can collect our clients’ data, whether they are leads, that is, potential clients, or consolidated customers. It collects them as if it was a CRM and it analyzes its data to segment them, so this way we know how to convert or engage them.

Sales force automation acts in this case like a marketing automation tool, helping us find the best marketing strategy.


Ineffective promotional actions

It can also happen that your promotional activities end up being unsuccessful, another problem from the marketing area. There are two technological innovations, also attached to sales force automation, that can help your team solve this problem.

Firstly, a 360-degree vision will let you have full control of your points of sales, including the 4P; control your product, its price, its placement and its promotions. If something, for any reason, is not working, you’ll be the first to know.

Secondly, we have one of the technological innovations of the century, the one everybody is talking about: augmented reality. How can it help us with our promotional actions?

It offers us a unique way to suggest the retailer doing a promotion; if we need any physical element to ensure our promotion’s visibility, whether they’re simple labels or a stand in the middle of the shop, we’ll be able to show the client how it will look through the screen of our device, without having to bring all the material with us first.


I don’t know what my problem is!

This can also happen! In this case, we have the answer; you can take advantage of the sales force automation tool and its Analytics functionality, which will provide you with complete reports on your performance.

As soon as we have results available, the system will compare them with our KPIs and with our main competitor’s results so we have a benchmark. This way we’ll be able to see what went wrong and which technological innovation can help us.


Sales force automation is key

As we have seen, a sales force automation software that incorporates these new technologies can be the best option to achieve your goals. Don’t think twice!