Biggest sales trend this 2018: Sales Force Automation

Which have been the trends in the sale world so far this year?

We’ve tried to bring you a list of the strongest trends in the sales world so far this 2018, and while writing it we’ve noticed something; sales force automation keeps appearing, again and again.

To be honest, it’s no surprise: sales force automation is, itself, a trend, and it looks like it will remain a trend next year too.

The sector is growing non-stop because it truly offers something attractive: optimizing the whole commercial process can solve many companies’ problems, and that is why it’s successful.


What is sales force automation?

We’ll briefly define the concept just in case we’ve caught you by surprise; an SFA or sales force automation software is a tool that manages the whole commercial process, making the sales department’s job way easier.

We’ll discuss its functionalities it includes and why are they a trend this year next: keep reading!


Training for commercial agents

Shouldn’t commercial agents focus on selling? It looks like it’s their main job! However, when executing a visit, there are many things to pay attention to, and their main goal is affected.

With a sales force automation software, the commercial can really focus on what’s important: negotiating with the client, suggesting him additional products that may be interesting for him… that is, increasing sales.

The software will take care of tedious but necessary tasks such as data acquisition, or controlling that the agreed prices and promotions are fulfilled in every point of sales.



Nowadays, we’re used to having something like Siri, that asks us by our name what do we need. Customization is not a bonus anymore it’s what we expect when using any application.

Sales force automation tools are customizable for two reasons, the first one regarding the client: by having every retailer’s data stored in the system, the agent can give them a more personal treatment, as he can check on this information any moment.

Not only the commercial agent can do this; the customer service team can also access the data to give the client a better post-sales service, being easier later on to sell him more products.

The second reason is because companies are different and not all of them need the same things in an app. This is why sales force automation tools allow us to add modules depending on our business’ needs.


Messaging service

You have also noticed, for sure, that nobody calls anymore. Everybody uses apps and communicates by texts nowadays; that is the future.

If the app itself has a messaging system like a chat, so coworkers can communicate with each other, it’s way more convenient. This way, they receive notifications from their superiors (or the other way around, from their agents) and they can quickly answer and take the right decision.

You can also confirm or cancel appointments with clients through these chats, so it keeps all your professional activity stored in the same place: you already have your personal smartphone to talk to your mum.


Post-sales analysis

Finally, something that should be compulsory to do becomes a trend: analyzing our performance after executing commercial activities.

In this case, sales force automation makes things easy for us again and does it for us. The software will automatically calculate our KPIs once we introduce our data and objectives in the system, and will analyze them along with our results, providing us with complete reports that will help us take better decisions.


Cutting edge technology

As it should be, our last trend today has to do with new technologies, those that make our life incredibly easier. They have a huge presence in the sales world, and, again, sales force automation tools incorporate them.

We talk about image recognition, so useful when acquiring data with a simple picture, or about augmented reality, which is incredible to, for example, show the retailer how would our stand look in his shop without taking the stand with us, just be showing him through our Tablet screen. If you want to know more about new technologies in the sales world, we recommend you to read here.


Sales force automation sums up 2018 sales trends

After reading this you may be asking yourself: why don’t I own a sales force automation tool yet so I can, not only optimize my sales process, but also be on trend? We were thinking the same.