A new version of Vincle’s SalesWare for Windows 8

After developing Vincle SalesWare for iOS and Android, the time has come to implement this solution on native platform for Windows 8, with metro graphic interface, optimized for tactile devices.

The principles of design that Microsoft establishes for the metro developments have been followed, maintaining the functionality of the solution and adapting its design to this new environment. We highlight some of the principles followed down below:

  • Usage of typography to organize the information hierarchically and to focus the attention of the user with size and colour.
  • Emphasize the importance of information. Highlights and shadows or these kind of effects and decorations are not necessary as they distract the user from the main content.
  • Usage of minimalist forms and contents, reducing unnecessary elements to the minimum.

Common functionalities (activity, planning, library, notifications, etc.), a consumer master record and Point of Sale module’s functionalities (reading, definition and following of promotions, questionnaires, extended questionnaires, picture taking, client flash, etc.) have been developed.

To optimize the usability, we’ve used the platform’s own gestures, like the semantic zoom, which allows us to, using a list and with a simple gesture, show the indexed contents.

The app has been integrated with Bing maps, the system of maps created by Microsoft for its search engine Bing.

It’s essential for Vincle to maintain our Vincle SalesWare solution so we can answer the market’s needs. With this development for Windows 8 we can now offer our clients compatible solutions for every mobile platform.