5 reasons why you need retail technology

Keeping up with new technologies?

It’s a fact; technology has taken over the sales world, as it’s done before in all areas of society. At the end of the day, technology is meant to make our life easier, so why not using it in every possible field?

This way, the retail sector can also benefit from its advantages, as there are many processes that can be optimized, such as data acquisition in the point of sales, shelves control, route planning… new technologies are designed to facilitate these and many more tasks, saving us time and efforts, and there are tools like sales force automation that, luckily, include them.

Besides, digitalization has other advantages like team building, something that fosters cohesion and the decision making process, for example: it allows that different departments, like marketing and sales, share the same channel and objectives.

Moreover, clients nowadays are used to the convenience of technology, and they even require its use, so, implementing new technologies into our solutions, we’ll be living up to their expectations. This is what machine learning is based on; a machine should do it so the client doesn’t have to learn.

Just in case we haven’t convinced you yet, let’s see 5 reasons why your company should invest in a sales force automation tool so it can benefit from modern retail technology. Let’s go!


To increase sales

How? With information technology such as Big Data or sales force automation tools, which collect data for us.

Knowing your clients is crucial if we want to engage them and guarantee they enjoy a nice shopping experience, so it’s easier for us to sell them more products in the future.

Sales force automation tools collect information about each and every one of your clients, preparing a complete report for you, so you don’t have to worry about that.

This way, when your commercial agent prepares the visit, he’ll have with him a record with the client’s last orders, the number of incidences if there has been any, a pattern based on his shopping decisions… it will be way easier for him to anticipate the client’s needs and wished, and this means an increase in sales.


To improve the customer’s experience

How? Through technology like augmented reality.

You may have heard about this new tool, or maybe you have even tried it, as it’s becoming very popular thanks to videogames that attract not only children. Then, why not implementing it in the retail world?

Imagine your company has designed a promotion for your new product’s launch, and you thing the best way to make it visible is with a stand placed in a certain point of a supermarket. You need that specific placement, but the retailer will probably not guarantee you that place before he sees how the stand looks there.

Augmented reality solves this, and, again, we can have access to this technology with a sales force automation software.

It will save you time and efforts and it will improve the retailer’s experience; we can show him how the stand will look through the screen of our device, without having to bring it with us until the client has decided whether he likes it or not, avoiding using resources pointlessly.

This will not only catch the client’s attention, but it will also help him decide. Besides, we’ll have less returns, as he will have seen how the element looks in his shop before; once the stand is in establishment, it’s less likely that he backs out.

According to his reaction, we’ll be able to adapt to his preferences, offering a more customized service and learning more about our client.


To optimize the process

How? With image recognition or geo locators, for example.

Your commercial agents should focus on covering the commercial process, don’t you think? However, they spend time with tasks like data acquisition, controlling the shelves and the stock…

Image recognition can easily take on these tasks: the commercial only needs to take a picture of the shelf and a tool like sales force automation will upload it to the cloud, analyze it and send us the information in almost real-time. The employee, meanwhile, can focus on tasks with a higher added value, like negotiations with the client.

Another way of optimizing the process? Letting technology plan the most efficient route for us using a geo locator. Moreover, it won’t only plan the route depending on the location of the points of sales, but also on the segmentation of the client, it’s order record, it’s characteristics, etc.


To get organized

How? With an omnichannel tool and its benefits.

The best part of a sales force automation tool is that it integrates all your professional activity in the same device. They are multi-device, adapting to any smartphone or tablet the company already owns, and they are compatible technically speaking with most of the systems and ERPs in the market.

Having everything in the same screen is convenient because you’ll receive there notifications from your colleagues, as if it were a chat, your CTAs, your warnings about clients…


To measure your performance

How? Using integrated Analytics.

Lastly, think about how useful it would be to carry out your tasks, as usual, and at the end of the day receiving a report on your performance, the things you should improve and your achievements.

Sales force automation includes a widget that will calculate your KPIs for you, sending the results to the central office afterwards, so our results are available for us to see them and improve them. It can even be established as a shortcut in the app.


Have you chosen your sales force automation tool?

We don’t know what you’re waiting for! Choose now your sales force automation tool and start using all these amazing technological innovations.